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MRI Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does MRI stand for? 

A: MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The procedure uses magnetic fields to create high-resolution brain images.

Q: Are there any harmful effects or risks associated with MRIs?

A: MRI procedures are entirely SAFECOMFORTABLE, and NON-INVASIVE. MRI scanners do not produce harmful radiation, do not cause negative side-effects, and do not require any sort of injection or topical treatments.

Q: What will my child do in the MRI? How long will it take?

A: Your child will spend a little over an hour in the actual MRI scanner, with a scheduled break halfway through. For about half the time, your child will watch an age-appropriate, entertaining film, and for the other half, he or she will be engaged while playing a fun memory activity. 

Q: How can I be sure my child will be comfortable in the MRI?

A: The entire first half-hour of the second appointment will be spent training your child in the “mock scanner,” a pretend scanner designed to show your child what they will see, hear, and feel in the MRI scanner. They will be invited to the actual scanner only after making sure they are entirely comfortable and ready!