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Picnic Day

Sunshine, face painting, and hundreds of happy families.

Each year we attend Picinic Day and join the multitudes of people on UC Davis campus to support our great school. This year was no exception! The weather was beautiful and allowed for a full day of face painting from our staff. Thank you to the hundreds of families that visited our booth! If you were unable to make it to our booth this year, we sincerely hope you will join us next year and help us celebrate one of the largest events in Davis.

Winters Youth Day

We celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Winters Youth Day on Saturday, April 30th, 2011!
Open to families and all ages, we were pleased to be part of the celebration.


Founded in 1933 by Reverend Charles p. Barkman to teach young people the aspects of city government, Winters Youth Day has evolved into a week of hands-on experience with the city, with the Youth Day Parade holding the tradition strong and proud.¬† This year’s theme was the “Sparkle of Youth.” The Memory and Development Lab invited children to get their faces painted and play with crafts while enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

We had a great time at Winters Youth Day!